October 28, 2013

A Perfect Chai - Review of Tipu's Chai

               I am so busy lately with moving settling down,being a full time driver, traveling lot of things for two months I guess.I didnt have the time or patiance sit down and blog. In my new house i have got nice Kitchen aid oven,I am so excited about that.Lets talk about chai now.

   Who wouldnt like get a hot cup of chai in the morning and when you come back tired from work.I am not a coffee person I have tried to like coffee but no I couldnt maybe because I grew up drinking tea.I have got to sample tippus chai,I have to say I am totally impressed by taste of that Chai.Uniquely spiced I would say. The makers of this tea blend had very nicely balanced all the spice in right proportion.This chai had turned my coffee drinking hubby to tea drinking hubby. This blend actually remained me of the chai I drank on my way to Delhi long back from Bhopal..same taste of that chai served on a "madka".Thanks the team at Tipu's Chai for sending a sample.We loved it.

  I know every one knows to make chai ,but sometimes it might not come out well.Sometimes water is more, milk is more or would be strong enough.I have perfected the recipe of chai long back.Can anyone can guess who helped me to perfect the chai recipe... ;) "My dad".It is very difficult to impress my dad, he is very opinionated and clearly know how he wanted ( All the men in the family is like that ).He makes Good chai too(only one thing he knows to make :)

The Blue Pack - Tipu's Chai Now is a instant tea very convient that you have just add hot water super easy. It is nice to take to your work.Good for making black tea.  Sweet and Spicy

The Red Packet - Tipu's Chai the slow brew one.This my favorite since you can brew it and add sugar and milk. Can make black tea.