May 29, 2013

Fruit Trifle and Mothers Day

I have celebrated the Mother day at my little one's preschool for the first time this wednesday.We had a potlunch  the preschool.I have signed up for the dessert and made "Fruit trifle", all moms made wonderful lunch and I thoroughly enjoyed with my son.I am happy that I did not sign up for any complicated as we were all sick through the week end.Here is a recipe which is easy.. (as i say always :)) This is a crowd pleaser have got lots.. of calorie's( yes i am conscious) but kid can have it ... very nice dessert for mothers day, spring lunches,brunches...

Trifle is an English dessert.It is  a dessert typically consisting of plain or sponge cake often soaked with wine or spirits (as brandy or rum) and topped with layers of preserves, custard, and cream.
I have made this dessert with a layer of pound cake,fruits, custard and whipped cream.You can use any type of sponge cake, I used a store bought cake ;)


For 1 layer- Basic Custard
Egg - 3 nos
Milk - 300ml
Sugar - 1/4 cup
Cornflour - 1 tbsp
Vanilla Essence - 2 tsp

For 2 layer - Fruit layer
Mixed fruit - 2 cups
Whipped cream - 2cups(I used sweetened one)

Layer 3

 Sponge cake or pound - as required to cover the bottom of the Pan

  1.  Prepare the custard slighty thick by whisking togther hot milk,eggs,vanilla essence, cornflour,sugar over a double boiler until it coats it to the back of spoon.
  2. Cover the custard with a cling film along the surface and cool it
  3. Now cut the pound cake into small cubes or as you like so as to cover the bottom of the bowl.
  4. In a trifle pan arrange the cake pieces on to the bottom of the bowl, so as to cover the bottom.
  5. Now just brush with a dash of simple syrup.
  6. Arrange the fruits over the cake layer,if you would like to make designs with fruits do it now.
  7. Pour the Custard over the fruits so as to cover the fruits. 
  8. Then seal everything with the whipped cream.
  9. Garnish with some berries , mint etc

Tropical fruit trifle
Berry Trifle


Anonymous said...

Lovely looking trifle & cute art work by Aarav :-) Best wishes

Smitha said...
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Smitha said...

How do you make whipped cream, and how can I make it at Kerala?

parvati said...

buy amul heavy cream and whip or else you can whipping icing usually in super markets.